The Boats
Shetland "Hands Across the Sea" Norway

Early Boats
The MTB's


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The map on the right gives some idea
of the number of destinations reached
in Norway, some 200 miles to the East
of Shetland, lying across some of the
roughest seas in the world.



Courtesy of the Scalloway Museum


Courtesy of the Scalloway Museum


Loading supplies (left) was a regular
feature of trips to Norway, where
equipment and rations were in
short supply for the underground
forces operating throughout the country.


The 'Prince Olaf' slipway in Scalloway, opened
by the Crown Prince on 14th October 1942, is
still in regular use today, along with the original
metal 'cradle' used to haul the boats out of the
water by cables and pulleys.


Courtesy of Graeme Storey


Courtesy of the Scalloway Museum


The trips across to Norway were so
regular the term 'Shetland Bus' was
born. The list on the left is from one
of the MTB's, the HESSA, which
helped so much after the early
converted fishing boats had been
so badly damaged and so many
lives lost at sea.


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