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The Shetland Bus Friendship Society

The Shetland Bus Friendship Society has undertaken a project to erect a memorial to the crewmen who lost their lives in the Shetland Bus Operation during WWII.

After public consultation, a design (by Mr. D Cooper) for the proposed memorial has been decided upon, and is shown at left.

Design for Memorial to be
erected in 2003


Mural by Scalloway Junior High School

On Thursday 16th, May, a new mural remembering the Shetland Bus will be officially unveiled for display in the shop windows of the Wiliamson's building in Scalloway.

Since October last year a group of secondary pupils at Scalloway School have been working several lunchtimes a week on a mural project about the Shetland Bus Operation. The mural consists of 4 large panels which depict various aspects of the Shetland Bus story. The mural will be officially unveiled in the windows of the Williamson's building on Scalloway's main street on Thursday 16th, May and it is hoped the mural will become a prominent tourist attraction.

The panels of the mural, while under preparation

Completion of the mural caps a busy year of activities for the school in connection with the international project scheme known as Comenius. Some of the same pupils who have crafted the mural also visited Norway in late April to visit Scalloway's partner school, Sund Ungdomsskule while back in January the school was involved with the BBC Blue Peter programme's film team who were making a short film about the Shetland Bus Operation during January 2002.


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