60th Anniversary
Shetland "Hands Across the Sea" Norway



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In April 2002, 4 pupils (Deborah Leask. Gilbert Hunter, Sherrell Moncrieff and Alistair Morgan) and 2 teachers (Moira Dobson and Colin Nicol), pictured above, from Scalloway Junior High School took part in a memorial service in Norway to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Telavåg tragedy from WW2.

The pupils had been invited to lay a wreath at the Telavåg memorial on behalf of the Scalloway Community.

The school party's visit to Norway was the culmination of a 3 year European partnership project under the Comenius Scheme.

While in Norway the group made a presentation of the Shetland Bus website on CD-Rom to pupils in Sund Ungdomsskule which is one of the partner schools in the project.

The group also visited the North Sea Traffic Museum where they attended a conference on the theme of children in war.


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